Writing Documentation @ nodeconf 2015

This topic of course ties in with the Building Communities session. Because building community happens with code that is being used. And if you want people to be able to join easily, one of their first entry points will probably be the README, which has for some projects become the only or the main documentation.

At the moment the documentation of some projects is exemplary (think: anything @substack makes). Whereas the documentation of node itself is kind of a mess. The API documentation is varying in quality in different topics, there is no proper way to navigate within the page and structure is “organic”.

The goals of documentation we concluded in the session should always be, to be:

  • Exhaustive

  • Simple

  • Helpful

  • Connected/Linked (linking to back and forth to other pieces or other blogs).

This can be achieved by creating proper articles, for beginners but also for advanced topics. Or at link out to expert articles on other blogs. This should be a seperate set from the API documentation. The API documentation should be structured and be complete. In stead of missing some pieces here and there. An example I really like is the Django documentation

Cover photo by Matthew Bergman

Words by fritzvd

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