Procedural Death Jam, 7 Day Rogue Like, Cyberpunk Game jamathon.

Ok. It’s official as of 16.04 (CET) I have entered in all of the above mentioned GameJams. This is where I will track my development.

The project can be found at:

It. Is. On!


Note to self: Neko target in Haxe does not handle placement of BitmapData well. Been spending an hour to get it to work. Other target was instant.

This was a very bad week to be working on something like this. Next time I’ll clear my schedule. This was doomed to fail from the beginning. Lessons learned include:

  • got familiar with Löve2D
  • got more familiar with HaxePunk
  • learned about ray casting
  • made some math mistakes
  • learned to free my schedule
  • deal with failure
  • great communities that make awesome games
  • lower the bar

Words by fritzvd

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